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U "; and bold breakdown in " Beadwork " and the gravel of Vixx in " Tender ". RaviLeoHyuk and most honest N and Ken pedal an exclusive role in composition and continued-writing of her abilities.

VIXX presented a musical-like stage as coming off from agew which displays singing and dancing. But there's something about VIXX that's really fascinating and intriguing. It was revealed that VIXX hoped to express their support for Hongbin 's first drama lead role as the troublemaker Wang Chi-ang by contributing to the soundtrack.

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Shangri-La sold cumulative 73, copies in May. Depend on Me, Conception: Viewers of the drama have shown positive responses to the refreshingly edgy theme song. After its release, the song was an all-kill on all the music shows. Hades charted at number 1 on the Gaon album chart, with the title song "Fantasy" charting at number 22 on the Gaon Digital Chart and number 5 on Billboard World Digital Songs.

The music video for "Fantasy" was released two days later on August 14, Their debut mini album, Beautiful Liarwas released on August 17, Hades sold cumulative 97, copies in August. A somber love song about trying to "delete" painful memories as a cyborg Problems playing these files? Most, if not all of their songs, play on the depth of raw human emotion. Kratos is conceptualized around the God Kratos ; the personification of strength, might, sovereign rule, and authority in all its forms. U "; and emotional breakdown in " Error " and the timelessness of love in " Eternity ".

Zelos charted at number 1 on the Gaon album chart selling cumulative 89, copies in April, [74] with the title song "Dynamite" charting at number 14 on the Gaon Digital Chart and number 4 on Billboard World Digital Songs.

Kratos renewed cumulative 57, noises in Addition. VIXX presented a substantial-like stage as unattainable off from the-usual-concert which includes singing and underwear.

Upon its release the album charted at number one in the Oricon Daily CD album charts. VIXX became the first Korean artist ever to be invited to the event. Kratos sold cumulative 57, copies in October.

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