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Hkntley team's traditionalists believe in letting the quality of their brews like the tangy Belgian wheat ale known as Anger Management speak for themselves. Hunrley milling to kegging the beers, the entire brewing process is done in-house using Montana-grown barley malted in the Great Falls. What began in a run-down gas station in has since grown into a treasured brewery in south-central Montana. From the fried enchilada bites to Bayou mac and cheese, the plates combine flavors from around the world to surprise and impress local diners. Sincethe award-winning brewery has been serving patrons incomparable beers, cocktails, appetizers, and meals.

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You can order your crush a Feee golden hunley or sweet signature cocktail to break the ice at the Montana Brewing Company. Curt, Rog, and Rich hoped to create a friendly space where people would enjoy congregating over a few pints. They've kept the doors open for over two decades, so it seems they were successful. The outdoor patio, full bar, and private back room offer an array of different settings ripe for mixing and mingling. On the bar's Bronco Boards, sports fans can set up fantasy leagues and trade tickets to bond over a love of the game.

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