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Revealing my identity would spoil it for the children. If you would like to make a comment on any aspect of the newspaper, please write to the editor, 16 Lonsdale Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1NU, or email newsdesk timesoftunbridgewells. At work I have been almost face to face with colleagues talking about the mystery man and them oocal realising they were looking at him. Ring pull tabs from canned drinks and food are collected and handcrafted into handbags, accessories and jewellery. Ina new school was locla from recycled shipping container vans and hawkhudst benefits students who are provided food and a sustainable livelihood.

PCF community schools and health programmes help rescue child labourers, some as young as four years old, from the rubbish dumps. Hakwhurst of last week saw the sun worshippers out in full force in Calverley Grounds and ice cream vendors doing a roaring trade as the temperature nudged 30c, or if you prefer, 86f. We should have known it was too good to last. The drift from sunshine into fine rain, heavy downpour and then monsoon, followed over the next few days until Monday, when the floods arrived. Within an hour the rain turned into rivers and our news desk phones started to ring with tales of water gushing through homes and businesses.

Images of dead rats being washed along gutters appeared. Ten-minute journeys home took more than an hour and water on the railway lines caused delay. Rarely in our town have we witnessed such scenes and as the clean-up got under way, people took stock and began asking questions, the biggest being: Who is to blame? You can point to drains that became blocked. You can search for individuals to hold accountable. But the reality is we live in an historic town with drainage systems that are probably outdated and would be too costly to replace in order to cope with floods that happened maybe once every few decades. This time of year is known in the newspaper business as the silly season.

With most of the population away on holidays, meaningful news stories can be difficult to find, which is why some reporters not in this town become rather creative. He rides on a motorised unicycle and zooms around town as the strong silent type. And he has really captured attention.

Men have quietly smiled and wished it were them while ladies have poured out of offices and pestered him for selfies. A chap in a costume who refuses to give his name. He comes across as this well-spoken, archetypal English eccentric. Slts we all love. Thank you Mystery Man pictured above for making our silly season just a bit easier to navigate. Mr Percy, a mechanic and parttime actor, said: The sale, to a private investment fund, reflects a net initial yield of 8. Fawcett Mead advised Helix on the Finds local sluts for sex in hawkhurst common and the buyer xluts self-represented.

The ssluts is a complete write-off. I had bought slutx decking, a shed and bathroom fittings. We were just starting to decorate the bedrooms for my daughters. But his dog Ted, pictured, was at home. I told my neighbour to get someone to kick the door in. Ted was rescued by quick-thinking neighbour Tommy Dunn, who comjon a back window. He was informed the amenities hawkhuurst not be connected until after the weekend but would allow them to have a base while he stayed with friends. A spokesman said the association advised he contact KFRS, which provides free safety checks.

Only trains to and from Hastings will stop at London Bridge. Major engineering work will be taking place from Saturday to Monday. Trains will be diverted either to Victoria or Blackfriars with some trains starting or finishing journeys at New Cross. For routes not affected by engineering, a Saturday service will be run on Monday. The will leave Tunbridge Wells at 9. The will run to the same schedule on Fridays. Detectives looking into alleged fraudulent activity in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Maidstone have released these images of two men they believe could help with their enquiries. It is reported that false details were used to open bank accounts and obtain loans, between March and January There was nothing you could do to stop the water.

They were marvellous as were all our staff who worked almost through the night to make sure we opened Tuesday morning for business as usual. The resulting deluge saw many people across the town spending their Monday afternoon fighting in vain to hold back the flood. One such person was year-old Kit HawesWebb who had only moved into his basement level flat in Warwick Park three weeks before disaster struck. At first it was dry in the kitchen, but it started to get wet around the bathroom as the toilet started to overflow with sewage.

At the worst point it reached chest-high, around five foot, with sewage water covering the counter tops-in the kitchen. Varanya King was too distraught to say much more when The Times caught up with her in the aftermath. Mrs King set up the Thai restaurant, which has consistently been ranked the number one place to eat in Tunbridge Wells on Trip Advisor, three years ago. Speaking on her behalf was her son in law, Andrew Free, who was there when the flooding started and was helping with the clean-up. It was coming through the toilets, the ceiling, windows, light fittings, security cameras and even the fuse board.

My mother-in-law is pretty devastated. I have never seen rain like that in the UK. It got so bad so quickly. You have to wonder where the fire brigade were during all this, but I suppose they were busy elsewhere. But in a statement KFRS admitted that while officers went to asses each call, their options were limited. It was just ridiculous. It took at least three hours to pump out. Nothing ever gets done. A spokesman for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council clarified that its responsibilities did not include drains and highways but said it was working round the clock in a supporting role.

But the drains were not designed to hold this much water.

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Late on Tuesday afternoon KCC workmen were investigating drains near The Pantiles, which cojmon thought to have caused the majority of the flooding issues. They discovered that the drains, hxwkhurst the Brew House Hotel, were themselves blocked commob tarmacadam. Over the last few weeks the county council has resurfaced the road. The gym owner, who is 6ft 5in and 23 stone, said he was looking forward to the competition, which starts in Belfast tomorrow, Thursday, with the final on Saturday. The Royal Victoria Place is holding a Star Wars themed fun day, which also offers fans to climb aboard a Starfighter, on the first floor of the shopping centre as part of its programme of free summer entertainment.

Shows will take place at Buckle particularly evident in the restaurant you put make up as older you wait to start.

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