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Here, we reveal another six girl greats from the Magyar pop scene. Klementina Magay Klementina Magay was already a well-known face on television when she debuted as a solo singer in the inaugural Pol-Beat festival in at the age of Eventually, she ventured out as a solo singer, working with groups such as Metro, Omega, Pannonia and Scampolo. Both were jangly mid-tempo beat numbers with the group Metro providing backing duties. One of her finest moments came later, in Her image, meanwhile, was based squarely on that of Italian pint-sized star Rita Pavonewith whom she shared an impish look.

Her first records capitalised on the twist style. For the rest of the decade, her run of singles were palatable for the most part but, overall, a little patchy for our tastes. A couple of stompers released at the end of the s redeem Kyri, however. The single Ez a szerelem was a brash affair with plenty of fuzz to spice things up. The new decade saw Kyri embark upon a career in journalism before enjoying a modest comeback in with the release of an album. Her first single was released five years later, in For us, it is her finest moment. However, her story as a performer began in the s.

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A multi-talented student, she studied singing, piano, ballet and even aerobatics. This tango-inspired number was singin near as singign as her first record, however. Her song, Mindig tanul az ember, was a bolder effort that showed off her now-mature voice. Thanks to his enormous collection of music sheets and all those long nights of playing music, there is no melody he would not know. Whether he plays in a small restaurant or in a great concert hall, his love of music always show.

He headed Budapest Bar in In offender, much of her looking variable an older woman, more from one chain into tended legible with the song Nem szeretlek.

He is a self-taught bass player. Besides being a magnificent cimbalom player, he is a dedicated composer and also arranges music. He amazes even the greatest musicians with his perfect pitch and his theoretical knowledge. Besides the violin, he plays the accordion, the guitar and the piano. He soon became the youngest lead violinist and soloist of the orchestra. In Robert began to foray into more experimental territories: In Nigel Kennedy asked Robert to be his consultant on a gypsy project he was preparing.

In March he Gil Budapest Bar. She is an excellent singer, pianist and songwriter. She has been a regular guest singer of Budapest Bar since. He joined Budapest Bar in He is now the frontma and composer of his new band, Kiscsillag, which defines itself as a garage-rock band, playing for massive audiences around Hungary. He is one the most important songwriters in the country. The band has had a considerable international career.

Besides being a singer, he is also a filmmaker and poet. He is the co-creator of the very popular Little Cow animation series. He is the frontman of Quimby, the most renowned rock band of today in Hungary. Quimby has just celebrated their 20th anniversary with a mega concert in the Budapest Arena with fans.

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