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Instead, he said that he had simply touched her arm and ribs while "jostling" for the lro. Swift testified on Thursday, delivering a confident and assertive account of the incident that led to the legal proceedings and rejected Mueller's characterization of the event. He did not touch my arm. He grabbed my bare ass. The photo A photo of Swift, Mueller, and Mueller's then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, at the event was referenced several times during the trial. A key point of disagreement between the two sides was the positioning of Mueller's hand, which was hidden from view in the photo and positioned below Swift's lower back.

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In this courtroom sketch, pop singer Taylor Swift, front left, confers with her attorney as David Mueller, back left, and the judge look on during a civil trial in federal court Tuesday, Aug. Mueller, a former radio disc jockey accused of groping Swift before a concert testified Tuesday that he may have touched the pop superstar's ribs with a closed hand as he tried to jump into a photo with her but insisted he did not touch her backside as she claims. Jeff Kandyba via AP Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland, claimed the photo did not show any inappropriate touching, and asked Swift while she was on the stand why her skirt did not appear ruffled in the front.

Swift's bodyguard Greg Dent and photographer Stephanie Simbeck, who took the photo of Mueller and Swift at the meet-and-greet, both claimed they'd witnessed the groping. Melcher, and Mueller's former radio co-host, Ryan Kliesch also testified during the trial, saying they had never seen Mueller act disrespectfully toward or inappropriately touch women. At the end of the meet-and-greet, Swift reported the incident her mother and her management team. Visit of the cave, with its many entrances, specific fauna cavernicolous insects, snakes, amphibians, etc. It was also an old encampment used by swift nest hunters.

An easy walk back will take you dde the forest on the right bank along the river towards Gua Mentis and Gua Kayu Sapung, lo there are a few negative handprints. We will also see Liang Jon, a large rock shelter where excavations have been made on a site dated to be 23, years old, then we walk until we get back to beautiful clear water. Canoes datijg us back for the third night at the Gua Tewet camp. We keep going, with some acrobatic passages for the boatmen, up to Gua Tangkorak, where we set up the camp. Before lunch, a short easy walk will take us to the cave. It is a large gallery decorated with stalagmites and stalactites.

A side gallery descends to a second entrance with a ceramic wedged high in the clay. The entrance has some traces of paintings. The cave was excavated by archaeologists in After the meal, we go to visit Gua Sungai, also called the "river cave", a lovely chamber crossed by a small underground river with ponds, rimstones, snakes, and, among other things, cavefish. The river is shortening, dead trees hinder progress, and some rocks are hiding in the water. Majestic passages below limestone peaks, omnipresent forest cathedral-likeand sometimes a canyon When the river comes to an end, we can see that it's coming out of a cave.

This is Gua Tebo, where we will camp. Depending on when we arrive, we can go on a foray and swim up the underground river. The river comes from the other side of the Marang mountains.

In a few days we will find the place it loses its stream. With our best tracker, Ham, we will prkx able to explore a vast depression located east of Tebo. We pass caves, swamps, tall grasses All around us in the trees, some orang utans are hidding. There is no guarantee we will get to see them, but the hike will be for sure beautiful.

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We go around a karst depression - the mountains overhanging it are impressive. From a karst peak, we finish the day watching the sun set on the limestone peaks, then we will pack our stuff for the next day. Two days hiking will take us to the eastern Casuaal of the Marang mountains. It is only 5 pix away, but depending on the difficulty in opening up the trail with a machete, it can take us more than a day. We zigzag through the forest, crossing bare spaces where there are limestone outcrops, go down a slope that gradually gets steeper and ends with a near climb down into a valley. This is the pass: A huge cave, parallel to the cliff, which as we get closer is lit by its open mouth.

There are some exceptional rock paintings. It is where a negative handprint was dated to be 10, years old! We keep going on a difficult path down the cliff to Gua Ham, an exceptional chamber where there are over negative handprints!

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