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Dropped And Rocked: The V8 Mk1 Escort

Ran the unsuspecting B seals which were 14inch splendid drums. Innocent i made it by the way lol.

Escort V-8 ford

Fitted rear commodore springs into the front struts to help lift the front up dew to the weight of the clevo. Mounted the motor all under the bonnet to have that sleeper original look. Also cut out the entire radiator support panel to mount in a 3 core V8 ZK fairlane radiator with AU thermo fans and a tranny cooler,reinforced a new radiator support panel and recessed the lower inner front apron. Fitted a tailshaft loop,fabricated the drivers side extractor and modified the passenger extractor and made up a twin 2. Made up new brake lines for the front and made up a new rear brake line and also fitted a inline ball tap for a hand brake and line lock tap. Motor is a near stock cleveland i sourced from a fairlane i wrecked,only fitted a 2inch spacer and holley and extractors.

Gearbox is just a stock C10 with a hurst shifter and kick down disconnected. For the rear end i was lucky enough to get onto a B diff which fitted straight under the rear end,i ran 15x6. Ran the standard B drums which were 14inch finned drums. Diff ratio was 4. I mounted the battery in the boot and retained the standard 34L escort fuel tanke but also ran a electric fuel pump as i didnt have enough room at the motor for a mechanical one. I started with a holley blue but it decided to keep leaking so i just bought a cheap solid state electric fuel pump 4. I also weled in rhs into where the rear firewall would have been as it needed to be sealed up so i reinforced the rear of where the seats use to be and i also refabricated a new crossmember just in front of the front seats as i cut out the original one.

Ok so in my build i decided i would have it finished for performance car mania september 16th to 18th. Which i made it by the way lol.

So i hooked in and did it. I had cord couple days before winton as dord had a major oil leak from the rear main,so 2 days before the start escorf performance car mania i did the rear main and sump gasket in ewcort. Pulled it off replaced the escoft and resealed the sump and havent got an oil leak So i was very happy that esckrt made it to winton race way for performance car mania. Ecsort escort went very well,handled well for what it was and also was pretty fast along the straights couple of times i was pushing kmphkmph. Up at those speeds it felt real good no vibrations and it held the track and wante3d to go straight.

Did alittle skid on the friday but all was good except for very low oil pressure but i still drove it hard. Saturday morning i broke the accelertor cable when i went to start it and i only had just under and hour to repair it for the first cruise session,so i hooked in and bodged it up and made the cruise session. Didd a burnout in it for around 2 minutes on saturday and was very good but only could stay in 2nd gear as when i went to D the carby decied to play up for some reason. Also durring the saturday sessions i did couple skids and drag raced. Cutting the roof off and welding a four foot gearstick on it, roof chops that left a windscreen the size of a letter box, home built chassis with the abundant Rover V8 slotted in because there were plenty of them in the scrapyards and they sounded good.

Splatter painting it at home, the louder the better; it was about having fun. It was all built up by Warren Cole, who amazingly was here at Players Classic too. Nowadays any Mk1 Escort two door shell is worth big money to the right buyer. So to see one like this is unique.

It stands alone for me. What Warren wanted was a fairly simple, very low cruiser that he could use anywhere, any time. He used everyday, affordable, mechanical parts that combined in the right way to make something that grabs your attention. Did we mention it was low? Well maybe not as much as you might think. Airbags were still a decade away from becoming vaguely affordable or practical so this was the best way of keeping everything safe. The reason why it was on the Wheel-Whores. We all know hot rods and drag cars run big and little combos, but one of the stand out, gutsy choices of this build has to be the 9x16s out back… … and the skinny 5.

Both Horace and now Karl referral a very low Speed, itself a very poorly car, that could be pampered any time. The outline is specially stock, save for some bad front tags, but there are a few wealthy holes around the common. It rifles alone for me.

You can often date a build by wheel choice and these are spot on; remember again most escorg cars were riding around on 14s or 15s maximum at this time. Many smaller cars still ran 13s, so the big 16s on the back were literally that. The pastel paint spills over to all the components and suspension parts; again this bright colour coding was really indicative of the time.

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