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She briefly returned to tae kwon do just two weeks after being released from the hospital. She missed basketball tryouts but made the volleyball team. The family sometimes orders KFC for dinner. They watch Castle and listen to rock on the radio. But life after the attack has also been surreal, emotional and frightening. In December, the recovering teen addressed the Assembly of First Nations clutching an eagle feather, just as her great-uncle, Elijah Harper, famously did in the Manitoba legislature when he stood up against the Meech Lake accord.

She took her first trip outside the Prairie province in February to attend the national roundtable in Ottawa on violence against native women. Maybe, she said, she would like to live there some day. Rinelle, who two weeks ago started seeing a counsellor, makes sure she is never alone in Winnipeg at night. Still, her mother is anxious. Harper, who moved to the Manitoba capital last year to take college business courses, worries when her daughter is out.

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She fears it is a relative of one of the co-accused. Justin Hudson, a year-old Poplar River band member, and a year-old male, who cannot be named because seekinv is a minor, have been charged with Girld murder, aggravated sexual assault and, in relation to the attack on the year-old, sexual aldefville with a weapon. She also said she is curious natiob the other victim. Providing forst for people from the four corners of the Anishinabek Nation to tell stories and record achievements, and to keep our citizens informed about natoon of the Union of Ontario Indians.

To give a voice to the vision of the Anishinabek Nation that celebrates our history, culture and language, promotes our land, treaty, and aboriginal rights, and supports the development of healthy and prosperous communities. The current circulation of the Anishinabek News is 10, copies, with 9, mailed and 1, distributed at various events. Advertising and News submissions: That sentiment perfectly fits the Indigenous concept of time as a moving wheel, rather than a straight line. What goes around does come around, and history does repeat itself, just as predictably as the recurrence of the seasons. The smartest among us know they can also learn from the mistakes of others.

So the task of four presenters at a Mississauga Youth Forum in late November was really quite simple — summarize four billion years of history in four hours for about five dozen First Nations youngsters. Williams is one of few remaining speakers of the Mississauga dialect of Anishinaabemowin. He delivered a marvellous teaching on humility for the benefit of young citizens of Alderville, Hiawatha, Scugog and Curve Lake First Nations who signed up to take a half-day history lesson on a PA day when they could have been out playing road hockey or just Tweeting.

Taping sheets of paper aldervulle the wall, he used them as a linear timeline to illustrate the 3. Then he used a Medicine Wheel to show the emergence of plants, then trees, then birds and animals onto our planet, followed by a very thin slice of the circular pie for the time that we twoleggeds have been around. The Covenant Chain laid the foundation for the treaty relationship, which was supposed to be about sharing but came to be more about greed. Dave Mowatt, band councillor and unofficial historian for Alderville First Nation, talked about perhaps the worst example of the odd treaties enacted with First Nations in Ontario. Of the seven First Nations covered by the Williams Treaty, four were the Mississauga communities represented by our young audience members.

Other governments claim that Williams signatories surrendered off-reserve hunting and fishing rights, the only time that has happened in Ontario, but Dave read actual minutes from Treaty 20 proceedings in that contradict that in- terpretation. Canada and Ontario, on the other hand, always have lots of lawyers. Doug Williams played a key role in helping the legal experts arrive at such a startling conclusion. They were subsequently acquitted of charges, based on the terms of the treaty.

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Doug delighted his young audience by firsr techniques resorted to by people who want to practice their treaty rights while others consider them as poachers. Anne Taylor brought history up to the present, reminding us that our actions impact on everyone aldervjlle in our community circles, now and for seven generations into the future. If we aldegville all remember that, only the good things that happen natkon likely to repeat themselves. He serves as director of communications for the Union of Ontario Indians and editor of the Anishinabek News. Some of them were famous, some were infamous but most of them were just ordinary people with ordinary lives but carrying extraordinary stories that helped me.

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